Upcoming symposium shows how to use IP, not just how to get protection.

Have you ever been treated by a doctor, usually a specialist, who does a great job of diagnosing and treating your illness, but somehow misses a problem with another system of the body? This happens because doctors, like lawyers, are trained on a specialty basis and not a holistic basis. Their narrow focus helps them zero in on the problem, and yet they have a hard time seeing the interconnectedness of all of the systems.

Lawyers, too, get caught up in this way of practice. For example, IP attorneys, such as trademark or patent attorneys, can do a fantastic job of obtaining solid protection by getting a registered trademark or patent (not all patent and trademark registrations are equally powerful or effective, but that’s the subject of another post). However, they often will fail to take the intellectual property out of the “legal” realm and determine if obtaining and enforcing the IP makes good business sense.

Too often, clients go to their IP attorney how does a great job by obtaining the type of protection requested. However, without a guiding hand to let the client know how to monetize that asset, the intellectual property right’s value is severely diminished and basically, the money invested might not be worth the cost.

Intellectual property infringement

On September 27, 2021, I’ll be participating in a panel that addresses this situation and provides invaluable ideas on how actually enforcing your IP can lead to significant monetization. The Symposium hosting the panel is the Technoeconomics IP Symposium 2021, which will be held in Houston, Texas, and virtually. Organized by Eric Wright and Wright IP, the day is filled with great topics to help corporate leaders, business owners, and in-house counsel think about and learn high-level IP strategies to maximize their IP assets on a worldwide basis.

For in-house counsel, you’ll also get the chance to obtain a significant amount of CLE.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, feel free to contact me.