Reputation and Publicity

Right of Publicity

The right of publicity protects celebrities’ likeness, public figures, in some cases, deceased celebrities, and “everyday” people as well.

Nardiello Law guides clients in enforcing their right of publicity whether their likeness is published online or in other media forms. Sometimes publicity rights are inappropriately asserted. In that case, we defend our clients against allegations that certain rights of privacy were violated.


Defamation is also sometimes known as libel, which are defamatory written statements, whereas slander is a spoken defamatory statement. While individuals can be responsible for defamation, businesses can also find themselves accountable for defamation if the plaintiff shows that the statement (which must be false) directly affected their financial interests.

Nardiello Law helps clients protect their reputation and publicity rights through effective enforcement strategies. If our clients are accused of harming one’s reputation or publicity, we likewise vigorously defend our clients against improper or overreaching claims. To learn more about our services in this area, please see our Business Libel, Slander, or Defamation section on our Business and Commercial Litigation page. Please contact us if you believe you may have a defamation problem related to your business or to yourself individually.