Copyright Protection Services

We provide everything clients need to protect their valuable copyrighted works, whether you are an artist, musician, photographer, author, entrepreneur, software developer, or a global corporation. Copyright law significantly differs from other types of IP. We are experienced in obtaining durable, defensible registrations and enforcing copyrights in court.

Copyright is a type of intellectual property that differs from both trademark and patent law. Copyrights protect “expression,” but not facts or ideas. It also does not cover single words or slogans, which is an area protected by trademark law. We can provide you with prompt and practical advice at the outset of representation to determine if copyright protection is available in your particular situation.


Nardiello Law PLLC helps clients register their copyrights, which is a requirement to bring a lawsuit in federal court for copyright infringement. Concerning registration, the types of creative works that are registrable are virtually limitless:


Copyright licensing is key to monetizing your rights in various works, such as software, photos, architectural designs, literary works, sculptures, movies, and music. We handle the negotiation and drafting of license agreements for all sizes of clients.

The key to entering into a favorable copyright license agreement is to retain as many rights as possible while still providing enough rights to obtain the amount of income (royalties) desired. We know how to correctly draft license agreements that favor our clients, whether you are the licensor or the licensee.

In addition to finding IP counsel experienced in copyright licensing, it is also helpful to work with an attorney who has copyright litigation experience. We have solved clients’ problems in both copyright licensing drafting and copyright litigation. We can predict future issues that might arise in the context of licensing relationships and help our clients avoid conflicts.


Typically, many copyright infringement disputes begin with cease-and-desist letters. If you wish to enforce your copyright rights, we can draft effective cease-and-desist letters that have the best chance of resolving the matter with your ultimate goals in mind. Often, clients who wish to enforce their copyrights need the infringing material taken down as soon as possible. We craft our letters to convince the targeted infringer accordingly. Also, many clients seek a monetary component to settlement. There may have been some damage involved or their copyright statutory damages recovery rights or at issue. In that case, we can present your case in the best light, based on your rights under the Copyright Act.

Copyright owners should take special care when sending cease and desist letters. It is possible that the targeted infringer could sue you or your company in response to receiving the cease-and-desist letter. While this is not entirely under your control, if the letter’s recipient is a company or person of significant financial means, the likelihood of this occurring is greater. Therefore, one must take care in evaluating your rights in the context of the other side’s rights. We can help you make a reasonable assessment based on the facts of your particular case.

If you are the recipient of a copyright cease and desist letter, we will provide you with comprehensive advice on the best strategy to resolve the dispute with the minimal cost and disruption as possible. Often, owners of particular creative works or content owners are unaware of the scope of their rights. It may be possible, in some instances, that there are insufficient rights to prevent you from using the particular works at issue. If an immediate settlement is not possible, we defend clients in federal court for copyright infringement if a case has been commenced. Please see the Copyright Litigation section of our website for more information on these services.